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Robotic Bugs

There can be no denying that these guys are really alien scout ships. Note the metal construction of the body (fuselage) and "head" (cockpit). Note too the serrated jaws. Though not visible in this shot, the underside of this bug (craft) reveals a complex hydraulics package for driving the mechanized wings. The two dark orb-like windows at the front give nearly 360 degrees of vision to the pilots.

I, for one, welcome our new micro-robot overlords...

The Tree of Knowledge - Revisited...

A color version of the same tree you see below. Note the dark, shiny tubular "thing" on the right side, about 2/3 up from the bottom of the photo. I don't even want to think about what that is but I'm sure it slithers out of there from time to time and heaven help you if you happen to be there when it does...


This tree is located here...

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The Tree of Knowledge

Behind every tree there's a new monster.
~Todd Rundgren

Don't know what happened to this tree but it looks like life didn't work out so well for it.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

You lookin' at me? No, those are not pupils in the eyes of this praying mantis who was watching me walk by, but they sure made me fee creepy when I looked up at it. This carnivore is pretty much a killing machine that I, for one, am grateful does not exist in a size much larger than seen here. This one was too high for me to get a real good look at but I'd say it was about five inches in length. I could almost imagine servo motors whirring as it moved its head from side to side.

These guys can do a lot of damage once they decide they'd like to eat you. Just ask this mouse. < >

Kentucky Colors

Say what you will about the excessively hot weather this year but, in Kentucky, it seems to be agreeing with the butterfly population.

Take Me To Your Leader

This little guy was an iridescent blue color that was not of this world. Probably an escapee from an alien scout ship.