Now What?

Your rest area on the information super highway…

Golden Giants

I guess that during the rest of the year these are jolly green giants but they're looking pretty golden right about now. Another shot from the Bernheim Forest, Kentucky.

Nature's Stained Glass

A butterfly at Bernheim Forest, in Kentucky, just sitting there being colorful. They'll do that, you know...

R U Sleeping?

My dog drifts in & out of sleep while I try to get a photo with my phone.

Google's Next Big Thing...?

It will be pretty funny if, at least initially, Google relies on iPhone users to provide traffic congestion data. IE, using our phone's speed through traffic to determine where there are slowdowns. If so, I hope they also offer the navigation app to us. I, for one, welcome our Google overlords!

Morning Glory

The latest in my "shot with a cell phone" photo series. I hate the phrase, "the best camera is the one you have with you" but, in this case, it turned out to be true. I think the overcast day's even lighting probably helped a lot as well. Also, the editing features of the iPhone apps, TiltShiftGenerator and Photogene are amazing.