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Neighborhood destruction done by a recent thunder storm. (Photo was taken and edited on an iPhone 4S)

Robin Floss

A robin seems to have gotten itself tied up with some green plastic grid-like material.

Red Belly

Typical Red-bellied Woodpecker. Apparently, woodpeckers, or their taxonomists, have their bellies in their heads!


This eagle reminds me of a judge wearing his judicial robe.

O Hai

Come any closer and I'll jump!

Old Hawk

Seems like one's lens is never quite long enough. Saw this old hawk in a tree but he flew away before I could get close to him.


A Rainbow Lorikeet at the Louisville Zoo.


A rather fat Mockingbird, in the sticks, at Tom Sawyer Park.


An Eastern Towhee almost in the open. These darn birds like to be among the sticks and branches so it's tough to get an opportunity to catch one in the wide open spaces.

Bath Time For Robin

Apparently, late afternoon is bath time for many of the Robins in Tom Sawyer Park. This one spent considerable time lathering, rinsing and repeating.

And this is what the creek sounded like. You can start the sound playing and then view the photo at full size to feel like you were there. Watch out for splashing!