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Painted Lady

Actually, this is probably a male Painted Lady. Tough break on the name, dude. This type of butterfly is a veritable cornucopia of butterfly colors.


I don't remember if this bee was just passing through or if he actually wanted a piece of the action. In either case, the monarch and the little skipper didn't seem to want to share. I believe their exact quote was, "buzz off!"

Return Of The Monarch

The Monarch butterflies are starting to show up in Tom Sawyer Park again. I shot this one on 8/13/2011 and am hoping there will be more where this guy came from. They truly remind me of flying stained glass.

Lemon Slice

Kind of reminds me of a slice of lemon hanging there on the jewelweed.


This butterfly shows signs of being worn out but is still out there looking good against a white sky.


I believe this is a Buckeye Butterfly. Interesting markings.