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My New Favorite Camera...

On Wednesday, July 5, I wandered into Murphy's Camera on Bardstown road with the idea of looking at a new Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II . They had a demo version available, so I went ahead and bought it. There was an Olympus special offer going on at the time and they also knocked some money off because the camera was a demo unit. At the same time I bought the 12-40mm f/2.8 lens which was also a demo unit and was also on sale.

Later, after I had arrived home, I discovered that the special Olympus USB cable, used to connect the camera to a computer for various tasks, including firmware updates, was missing from my package. I called Murphy's to see if it might still be in the store. It was not, but it was then that I found out the rebates from Olympus were even better than the discounts I had already received and Murphy's was trying to contact me to tell me they wanted to give me another $200 back! I headed back to the store and got the additional rebate applied to my credit card and, since they didn't find the USB cable, they removed one from another camera's package and ordered a replacement for that camera.

I received outstanding customer service! In this time of dominance, I still return to Murphy's whenever I plan on purchasing a new camera. I have been buying digital cameras from them since the early 1990's when I bought my first digital camera, a Kodak DC50. I still have that camera to this day but it just sits around as a conversation piece.

I was so impressed with the new Olympus that I returned to Murphy's the following day to pick up the 40-150mm f/2.8 lens. That too was a demo lens and was also on sale. It turned out the sale price was better when buying an Olympus camera at the same time. Because I had bought my Olympus the day before, they figured out a way to add this new lens to my existing purchase and to save me even more money. In my opinion, they went above and beyond to make me a satisfied customer. If you live in the Louisville area, you should pay them a visit and buy there, rather than shipping your money to

Here are some of the first photos from my new Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

A deer in the shade at Tom Sawyer Park

A Tiger Lily (I think) at Bernheim Forest

A milkweed bug that was ready for his close-up.

A Purple Parasol at Bernheim Forest

A bee making a quick departure from a flower at Bernheim Forest

Three's a crowd on this flower at Bernheim Forest

I don't know what kind of bug this is, but it looks pretty prehistoric. He was on a cement wall at Bernheim Forest

A Monarch butterfly getting refreshed by a flower at Bernheim Forest

A dragon fly resting on a reed at Bernheim Forest

A squirrel at Bernheim Forest, trying to look inconspicuous, in the shade of a large tree 

Memorial Day - 2016

This day serves as our reminder that not everyone comes home…

I often wonder how those of “The Greatest Generation,” especially those who left this world prematurely because they sacrificed their lives so we could have the lives and lifestyles we have today, might view what we have done with their gift. I wonder what kinds of opinions they would hold about who we have become as a nation.

The most horrible thing I can imagine is that they might think their sacrifice was not worth it and that we have squandered the gift that they won for us. 

All it took was about 10 minutes of watching the cable news channels for me to pick out five  things that I think we need to change if we are to preserve the gift we received from them.

My five tenets to build a stronger nation:

  1. Less “me,” more “we”.
  2. Less interest in how rich our neighbors are and more gratitude for how rich our lives are.
  3. Less focus on the lives of celebrities and more on the celebration of life.
  4. Less focus on our individual differences and more on the different ways we are united.
  5. Less concern with what we can get for free and more concern with ensuring we remain free.

In order that we may never forget the price that was paid on our behalf by those who gave all they had, and all they would ever have, so we could remain free. Today I dedicate this photo to those who remain, forever young…