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Rare Turtle

The extremely rare, almost mythical, Pumpkin Spice Turtle (testudo graeca cucurbita spice). They are rarely seen in the wild but a lucky few may get to see one in mid to late October when they are migrating to their winter homes...

The poor guy's arms are too short to knock that ant off of his nose!

The Forecast Called For Aluminum Overcast Followed By Widely Scattered Freedom...

On Saturday & Sunday, October 7 & 8, 2017, the B-17G, now known as "Madras Maiden", was at the Clark County airport in Indiana. Because they were offering rides causing the aircraft to constantly be in motion, and because the weather wasn't likely to hold up until the end of the day when they would offer tours, I tried to gets some photos of the airplane as it was taxiing in or out for the next flight.

Seen here through the interior of the classic Willys Jeep. The owner of the Jeep saw me taking this photo and said, "Hey, I never thought of shooting through the Jeep." and proceeded to take his own shots. Glad I could help!

Side view of the Madras Maiden shot against some early autumn color.

The "Ball Turret" served as a dorm room for many an eighteen-year-old during WWII. The mortality rate for B-17 belly gunners was 60%.

There is a relatively famous poem written about ball turret gunners, by poet Randall Jarrell:

From my mother's sleep I fell into the State,
And I hunched in its belly till my wet fur froze.
Six miles from earth, loosed from its dream of life,
I woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters.
When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose.

An overwing shot.

Nose art of the Madras Maiden. Named for the city of Madras in the great state of Oregon.

Four Wright Cyclone R-1820 engines powered the B-17G. They delivered around 1200 hp at 2500 rpm.

Let There Be Light...

I always try to photograph the "Let There Be Light" statue whenever I visit Bernheim. Today there was definitely light...

The inscription that goes with the statue.

A Star Is Born...

Experimenting with processing this deer photo as if it were a glamour portrait. I think she's ready for Hollywood!

Nature Walk

You know, I swore, swore, swore that I would stick to still photography and not venture into videography. My reasons were many: too time consuming, can't use popular music due to licensing issues, don't want a second camera, editing software is too expensive and you need a master's degree in knob-twiddling to use it, files are too big, the process is slow and grueling, etc., etc., etc... Then along comes a $20 app for the iPad (and iPhone) that squashes every reason I had to stay away from videography except for the availability of popular music. Well, it turns out that nature videos don't really need popular music so, now I've gone and done it.. Dipped my toe in video.

Still very amateurish, but kinda has a Cinéma Vérité feel to it. I also have much to learn about the iPad app but, wow! talk about bang for the buck. LumaFusion, check it out on the iOS app store.

If you are not fortunate to live close to an area with forest creatures, I made this video for you...

Unusual Butterfly

One I have not run into before. A Gulf Fritillary with the sun shining through its wings. This is about as far north as they go.