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The Halloween Tree

It is often said that a tree will twist its limbs in times of torment.

This tree stands on the grounds of the old Fourth Kentucky Lunatic Asylum - Central State Hospital where I'm sure it saw many a torment.

Lakeland, KY Lightning Strikes Insane Asylum, July1901

Bolt Of Lightning Strikes Among Eighty Inmates of a Kentucky Asylum.

Louisville, Ky., July 2.-A bolt of lightning from a clear sky that struck among eighty inmates of the Central Kentucky Asylum for the Insane at Lakeland, eleven miles from Louisville, at 3:30 this afternoon, killed JAMES HOWARD, aged 38, of Stevensport, Ky., and knocked unconscious Nat Mercer, an attendant, and three other patients. Great excitement followed among the insane persons who had been taken into the yard for air, but rain came and drove them back to their quarters. The attendant and the patients who were knocked senseless will recover.

Times Picayune, New Orleans, LA 3 Jul 1901

Mr. Jack O'Lantern

So I had this idea about testing invisibility... Actually, I found a free (yes free) spell for invisibility on the web. I figured I'd try it but stopped at the last minute because it seemed to be working. (I know, right?)

"Things Seen, and Things Not Seen:
Let me walk here in between..."

~Free Internet Spell

If you are curious... This is one photo and one exposure. It was 30 seconds in duration. There is a flash in the pumpkin and an upside-down flash behind the pumpkin. The flashes fired instantly to expose the foreground and, while the shutter remained open for 30 seconds, I ran in and kneeled, as still as I could, from about the 3 second to the 8 second mark. Then I hopped out of the line of fire and waited for the exposure to complete.

Be Afraid!

"Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees,
'Tonight is Halloween!'"

~Dexter Kozen