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Butterflies At Tom Sawyer Park

Two of the butterflies I saw this past weekend in Tom Sawyer Park

This first one, which is one of the varieties of Black Swallowtail, had huge wings. They were larger than any of the other Black Swallowtails I had previously seen. 

This Monarch butterfly was nice enough to stay in a dark area where the light could still shine through its wings. 

Nature Walk

You know, I swore, swore, swore that I would stick to still photography and not venture into videography. My reasons were many: too time consuming, can't use popular music due to licensing issues, don't want a second camera, editing software is too expensive and you need a master's degree in knob-twiddling to use it, files are too big, the process is slow and grueling, etc., etc., etc... Then along comes a $20 app for the iPad (and iPhone) that squashes every reason I had to stay away from videography except for the availability of popular music. Well, it turns out that nature videos don't really need popular music so, now I've gone and done it.. Dipped my toe in video.

Still very amateurish, but kinda has a Cinéma Vérité feel to it. I also have much to learn about the iPad app but, wow! talk about bang for the buck. LumaFusion, check it out on the iOS app store.

If you are not fortunate to live close to an area with forest creatures, I made this video for you...

Unusual Butterfly

One I have not run into before. A Gulf Fritillary with the sun shining through its wings. This is about as far north as they go.


Classic butterfly at Bernheim Forest.

Lemon Wedge

A resident of the "Edible Garden" at Bernheim Forest. Word has it that these taste like lemon.. :-)

Buggy Whip

That's quite a buggy whip you have there little skipper!


My pet butterfly, Spot.

Red Spotted Purple

Common in my area, this particular Red Spotted Purple butterfly has different coloring than most. Could it be because everything has been so dry? Normally these guys look more blue-iridescent and less black.

Painted Lady

Actually, this is probably a male Painted Lady. Tough break on the name, dude. This type of butterfly is a veritable cornucopia of butterfly colors.


I don't remember if this bee was just passing through or if he actually wanted a piece of the action. In either case, the monarch and the little skipper didn't seem to want to share. I believe their exact quote was, "buzz off!"

Return Of The Monarch

The Monarch butterflies are starting to show up in Tom Sawyer Park again. I shot this one on 8/13/2011 and am hoping there will be more where this guy came from. They truly remind me of flying stained glass.

Lemon Slice

Kind of reminds me of a slice of lemon hanging there on the jewelweed.


This butterfly shows signs of being worn out but is still out there looking good against a white sky.


I believe this is a Buckeye Butterfly. Interesting markings.