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The Bowman Aviation Festival - 2022

After a two-year Covid hiatus, the Bowman Aviation Festival (Bowmanfest) is back! Below you can see some of the various sights from Saturday, October 1st.

Tweety was there, but I didn't see any Puddy Tats..

Jeff Dunham's "Walter" was in attendance.. Quite the view.. Straight from the 4077.. Merica! I guess you could call this spinner shot a "stealthie"? I'm sure the category already exists, but I bet it was not defined as getting yourself into the shot by way of a reflection. Another "stealthie"..

2019 Madison, IN Airshow (KIMS)

I attended the 2019 airshow at Madison Municipal Airport (KIMS) on September 28, 2019. I don't think I've ever been to Madison, Indiana before, but it was an enjoyable drive and day. It's nice to see regular people doing their thing. Hollywood and Washington, D.C. could fall off the map and we would still be in good shape because of small communities like this one.

Last, but not least.. This guy had only a 1-horsepower engine...