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SKYNET Listener Drone

SKYNET is up again. They are sending down "Listener Drones" to monitor the populace. They do this every year during the summer months.

Below you see a Listener Drone and network node bot. Note the static wicks on the landing pods to dissipate static for a cleaner signal. Note too the large tail boom that does double-duty as a gigahertz antenna. The orbs that look like eyes are actually sensitive microphones and the only weaponry onboard is the gaping metal maw near the microphone-orbs. The wings are of a kevlar-like material with a pattern of ribs that contributes to their extremely high tensile strength. The wings connect to the fuselage, ahead of the tail boom, with advanced high-pressure hydraulic actuators. You do not want to be targeted by one of these rascals. Just sayin'...

Google's Next Big Thing...?

It will be pretty funny if, at least initially, Google relies on iPhone users to provide traffic congestion data. IE, using our phone's speed through traffic to determine where there are slowdowns. If so, I hope they also offer the navigation app to us. I, for one, welcome our Google overlords!