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Thanksgiving Birds

From my Thanksgiving-day walk. I think the male Cardinal looks a little crazy... The Downy Woodpecker wouldn't give me a good shot and the Turkey Vulture was circling over my car!

Chubby Little Cardinal Girl

The temperature was 15 degrees when I saw this chubby little female cardinal. She was in full warm-up mode.

Snappy Dresser

Nice red suit, Mr. Cardinal bird, but I really like the hat!

Smiling Redbird

Male cardinals really pop against the dead-brown background of the winter forest. Unfortunately, they are notorious for getting deep into the middle of a bunch of tangled branches/twigs and act very shy when photographers approach. Good luck using your autofocus here! At least this guy was nice enough to smile.

The Birds of Tom Sawyer Park

My first foray into the realm of bird photography. All photos, except the hawks, were shot on the same day when the temperature was less than 20 degrees F. It's tough getting a bead on those little flighty guys.

Not sure what those red things are, but the Robins sure seemed to enjoy them.