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God's Paintbrush

The peaceful and colorful surroundings of he Education Center at Bernheim Forest, a place that looks like it was painted with God's paintbrush.

Let There Be Light

Let There be Light, by George Grey Barnard, at the gravesite of Isaac W. Bernheim, his wife, daughter and son-in-law.

I don't know if there is a photographer's prayer but, if there is not, "Let There Be Light" would be a good one. The words are engraved on the base of the statue.

Turkey Incident

Kentucky has always been known for its giant turkeys. We're not talking 20 pounders here, we're talking about "birds" as large as 700 pounds! Unfortunately, they too are meat eaters. And by "meat" I mean you. That's right, they eat people. They seem to particularly favor tourists. It happens at least once every year, no matter how many public service announcements and warnings are issued by the media.

I happened to be close by during one recent turkey attack. Though there were signs posted everywhere warning tourists to not look too "touristy," this guy just wasn't paying attention. He was snatched up, just like that. Nothing I could do really. He was too far away and it happened too quickly. I barley managed to get this photo and wound up having to shoot from the hip, not even knowing if I got the photo. I later found out from onlookers who knew the victim that his name was Tom. Kind of ironic I thought.

Gobble, gobble!


Usually, when you see the letters AFIK in a posting on the Internet, it means, "As Far As I Know". In this particular case it means A Field In Kentucky. Seen here is the Education Center at Bernheim Forest in Clermont, KY. This is a beautiful piece of land.