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Mr. Jack O'Lantern

So I had this idea about testing invisibility... Actually, I found a free (yes free) spell for invisibility on the web. I figured I'd try it but stopped at the last minute because it seemed to be working. (I know, right?)

"Things Seen, and Things Not Seen:
Let me walk here in between..."

~Free Internet Spell

If you are curious... This is one photo and one exposure. It was 30 seconds in duration. There is a flash in the pumpkin and an upside-down flash behind the pumpkin. The flashes fired instantly to expose the foreground and, while the shutter remained open for 30 seconds, I ran in and kneeled, as still as I could, from about the 3 second to the 8 second mark. Then I hopped out of the line of fire and waited for the exposure to complete.