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Welcome To Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park, the local wildlife always has its eye on you. In this case, it is the butterfly population that needs to be cautious. The mantids lie in wait in the tops of ironweed plants for unsuspecting butterflies.


An almost futuristic appearance...


...especially in the head area!

Say Hello To My Little Friend

You lookin' at me? No, those are not pupils in the eyes of this praying mantis who was watching me walk by, but they sure made me fee creepy when I looked up at it. This carnivore is pretty much a killing machine that I, for one, am grateful does not exist in a size much larger than seen here. This one was too high for me to get a real good look at but I'd say it was about five inches in length. I could almost imagine servo motors whirring as it moved its head from side to side.

These guys can do a lot of damage once they decide they'd like to eat you. Just ask this mouse. < >