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Robin Floss

A robin seems to have gotten itself tied up with some green plastic grid-like material.

Bath Time For Robin

Apparently, late afternoon is bath time for many of the Robins in Tom Sawyer Park. This one spent considerable time lathering, rinsing and repeating.

And this is what the creek sounded like. You can start the sound playing and then view the photo at full size to feel like you were there. Watch out for splashing!

Mother's Day - 2011

Shot this on Mother's Day since Mrs. Robin here decided to use my backyard light as an incubator. I hope she knows what she's doing because the 4 eggs that were in the nest are gone and, in their place, is just one little robin. It seems to sleep a lot and "mom" continues to sit on it. I did see that it was breathing but it doesn't look right to me. It lays on the bottom of the nest instead of looking up for food or its mother. Maybe the cold snap was too much for it. We shall see...

First Signs

Ah, yes.. The first sign of Spring is when the Robins start eating the tennis balls. I have never seen such a round bird. Perhaps this is a "Round Robin"? :-)

Full size "download" version makes a nice desktop, if you like little birds on your desktop.

Rockin' Robin

This little robin doesn't look like it has missed many meals this winter.

The Birds of Tom Sawyer Park

My first foray into the realm of bird photography. All photos, except the hawks, were shot on the same day when the temperature was less than 20 degrees F. It's tough getting a bead on those little flighty guys.

Not sure what those red things are, but the Robins sure seemed to enjoy them.

Looking To The West

I was out walking around a local park yesterday when I noticed a pickup in avian activity right as the sun started setting. The birds, most of whom had been out of sight just moments before, started flitting to and fro as if they were on a deadline to find a suitable branch on which to perch. It was as if they were playing "musical branches" and the music was about to stop. Several minutes before the sun was fully on the horizon, their frenzied activity stopped and all the birds were perched and facing west as if to salute the departing sun. I have to admit, the light was golden enough that, had it not been unusually warm in the first place, it would have still "looked" warm.

They stayed very still, with only a slight breeze rustling their feathers, and seemed to relish the sunset. And why not? I certainly did...

A robin bids farewell to the setting sun - Tom Sawyer Park, Louisville, KY