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Not something you'd want to find in your backyard! Not sure if this is a Python or a Boa.

In The Eye Of The Sssssnake!

Earlier in the day I had gotten myself into a place in the woods where I didn't want to be. I was being attacked by mosquitos and couldn't see the ground because of the undergrowth. Whenever I can't see the ground, I imagine there are snakes nearby. I finally walked out of there and decided I would keep to the well developed trails for the rest of the day because it would make for easier going and I really didn't feel like battling bugs and jungle-like growth.

So here I was, walking down a recently mowed path where the going was much easier, when I saw this little snake head sticking up just above the grass like it was trying to blend in with the surrounding plants. After watching it for a while, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it had in mind. I think it was just waiting there for low-flying bugs, which were shuttling from plant to plant, to land nearby so it could eat them.

When you see one snake in the grass, it's not a huge leap to assume there are probably more nearby. This made it especially challenging for me to get down in that same grass to get a photo of this guy. I am not a snake person. I am not even a large worm person! Kneeling there, I was sure I felt phantom snakes crawling over the backs of my legs. I wanted a good photo so I put up with my imagination. Getting the snake's eye in focus was going to require "threading the needle" with the focus. A little left or right and I'd be focusing on the surrounding plants instead. To make things more difficult, the snake kept adjusting his head up and down to blend in better with the surrounding plants. Finally, its eye became visible between the leaves so I got a few frames. I liked this shot the best because, when viewing the photo at 100%, I can see myself in its eye.