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Fancy Chicken

The other day I was walking, as I quite frequently do, in Tom Sawyer park. One big difference this walk had with almost all of my others was the fact that the ground was covered in fresh snow and it was sleeting as I started my walk. From a distance, I could see that someone had thrown some corn on the ground for the birds and five or six cardinals were making good use of it. I kneeled in the snow to get a lower vantage point and stayed far enough away that the cardinals probably didn't even know I was there. I grabbed some photos of the feeding cardinals but, when my knees were wet and cold enough to make me want to move, I decided to continue on to see what else I might find in the park. Passing by the corn, the bashful cardinals all took off for nearby branches until I could pass. But I didn't pass. As I walked by the corn on the side of the trail, a strangely colored "thing" was back in the woods and walking toward me. That "thing" is pictured below. That is one fancy-looking chicken!