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Deer Doing Yoga

This past Saturday, I stumbled upon a deer doing Yoga in a cemetery.

The Third Eye

This gal was hanging out with the buck, elsewhere on this page. I'm not sure what she has going on between her eyes, but she looks like she has a sort of third eye growing there.


This is the same buck seen elsewhere on this page. Before I got those other shots in the clear, I played hide-n-seek with him throughout the woods.

The Stuff Of Dreams...

Have you ever had a dream where you are standing in a field that is totally empty except for you and some regal animal? Yeah, me either but if I did, I think it would look a lot like this real-life encounter.

Mr. Antlers

I have been taking photos of the deer in Tom Sawyer State Park for years, yet I have never seen, let alone photographed, a Buck with a set of antlers. I have heard them snort before but never actually saw one. Earlier in the day today I played hide-n-seek with this one and got several photos with various branches and sticks in the way but I was happy with them because you could clearly see that it was a buck. Then, as I was leaving, he came right out in the open and seemed to actually want to be photographed. I started out about 100 yards away and slowly made my way toward him, stopping every several yards to get closer and closer photos. Then he just walked away.

Just look at the neck on this guy!

Deer Party

This week I went to Tom Sawyer State Park and found more deer there than usual... I think there were actually more deer in the park than squirrels that day. (For some reason, posthaven [the host] is stripping the color info out of my photos! It doesn't happen immediately, but seems to happen if I come back in to edit the post. This will mark the third time that I've deleted and reuploaded the photos. This might be a good reason to look elsewhere for hosting...) Figured it out.. Apparently something in the process doesn't like the ProPhoto RGB colorspace.

Hot Deer

It was really hot in the park this day. Hot enough that the local deer all knew to stay in the shade.

June Jaunt

The other day I went for a quick walk in Tom Sawyer Park with my camera. It was the first time in the park, with my camera, since winter. I was concerned that, with the vegetation as thick as it was, I was going to have to stay on the main paths. Typically, all of the animal activity happens off of the beaten paths so I figured there wouldn't be many photo ops this day. Turns out I was wrong as I kept running into unsuspecting deer and even a small group of turkeys.

Red Ears

A newly minted deer with a coat so furry it looks like it could be a painting instead of a photograph. Look at that healthy oxygenated blood flowing through those ears!

Hello Cutie!

Sometimes they look at you as if they remember you from last year...

A Time For Every Purpose

Then the dust of mortals goes back to the ground as it was before,
and the breath of life goes back to God who gave it.

Ecclesiastes 12:7


My, what large ears you have...

Serendipitous Deer

The other day I was out roaming around in the woods with my camera as I always do. I saw a very bright cardinal land on a tree limb out in the open. Since it is rare that cardinals expose themselves away from other branches, I was excited to get a chance at photographing this one. As I was focusing on the cardinal, the camera's auto focus was picking up some twigs in front of the bird and focusing on them instead of the bird. I moved the camera a little bit to avoid the twigs and this time the auto focus hunted too far to the rear and focused on the following scene instead. I had no idea a deer was there until I saw it through the lens. Talk about serendipity! 

Spirit Deer

When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.
~Arapaho Indian Proverb


See if you can spot the deer in this photo. (Hint: You'll probably have to use the arrows to enlarge the view.)

Hiding in clear sight. That would  have been the case for this deer had it not flicked its tail. In a dull, brown wooded environment, those white tails are like beacons. Seems like a design flaw if you ask me...

Early Morning Deer Encounter

Even though it has happened quite often to me lately, I still get a bit of a thrill when I spot a nearby deer while hiking in the local state park. They are usually very easily frightened and bolt before I ever get to take a good look at them. Today, however, that was not the case. This doe spotted me before I spotted her (as usual) but when I did see her and aimed my camera, she did not run off. She was definitely on high alert, but she did not panic at the sound of my camera or my movements. She even let me shoot a little video before leaving the area. 

Because she was not in a hurry to leave, I was able to take my time while shooting. It was early in the morning, just minutes after a heavy rain, so the plants were all wet and very green, making for a misty, dreamy photo opportunity.


This deer was so agreeable that I was able to flip the right switches on my camera and capture a little video as well as all the photos I had taken.

Somebody's Watching Me

Every time I go to the eye doctor he tells me that I don't see very well. That is probably true, but I guess I can see well enough to know when somebody is watching me. I had paused while hiking through the woods because I was tired and realized I was going to have to walk up yet another hill. About that time I started to get the feeling that I wasn't alone. I had been looking down at the settings on my camera so I raised my head slowly and saw this beautiful doe just staring at me. She let me take many photos, but I liked this one the best because it was difficult to focus through the bushes to get her eyes sharp. Look at the eyes on this beauty in the next photo.

Don't forget, you can click the photo to see a larger size or to download the full size image.

Such beautiful eyes.

Oh Deer!

Today I decided to disable the beep on my camera, right after this shot. This deer, about 30 yards away at the time, is actually looking toward the sound of my auto-focus beep. There are 3 more deer outside of the frame and they all took off after they heard the camera's shutter actuate. I can't make that any quieter but, at least by silencing the beep, I will be a little more quiet. Although it did seem to get this deer to say, "cheese!"